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Fitness center

Wongtee V hotel provides you with spacious gym facilities. Put on your sportswear and go for it. We offer a series of fitness choice as well as a variety of food and beverage for you.

Our modern fitness facilities include top European and American fitness and health equipments, such as aerobic dynamic bicycle, elliptical and balanced weight training equipments. We have built-in TV in all aerobic equipments and offer headphones for you.

You can also enjoy the shower in massage pool, or enjoy quiet bathing time in the sauna room and steam room to increase your fitness period. We also provide you with all sorts of fitness courses (pay), including international private instructor, etc.
Opening hours:07:00– 22:00
Location: 5th Floor

Outdoor Swimming Pool

We offer the spacious outdoor swimming pool on Floor 5,where you can enjoy the charming scenery and the perfect oasis amidst the heart of the city. Here, you can enjoy the charming skyline landscape, or watch the children playing in the adjacent children's swimming pool. After swimming, you can taste the icy drinks in a casual atmosphere or bathing in warm sunshine. You can enjoy fresh fruit juice, drinking water and snacks at the fruit juice bar. We also offer locker rooms and shower areas.
Opening hours: 08:00 – 20:00
Location: 5th Floor


皇庭V SPA水疗位于酒店40层,客人可从奢华雅致、宁静舒适的水疗理疗室的落地窗,尽情饱览福田CBD 360度充满活力的城市美景。 远离尘嚣,让思绪从高压中抽离,我们致力于让您尽情体会身心的宁静,美丽如春花绽放;奢华雅致、宁静舒适的理疗室,提供一系列量身定制的专业水疗护理,使人神情气爽,焕发无限活力。
电话:(86 755)8828 9113

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